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Go away with peace of mind, knowing your dog is as loved as they are at home!

When you need to get out of town, let us take care of your pup. After a long day of playing with friends at daycare, your dog will get to go home to a handler’s house for the night. If Fido sleeps in your bed at night, you can bet that he will be invited up on ours. We make sure that every dog that boards with us is comfortable throughout their whole stay. 

All you need to pack for your pup’s vacation is their leash and collar, any medications, and his regular food to last him his visit. We recommend that you pack an extra day’s worth of food, just in case you plan to extend your trip. All members of our staff are well equipped with plenty of dog bowls, beds, crates, and dog toys!

Our advantages include:

  • Play areas, both inside and outside

  • Blankets, toys, bowls, and beds are always provided

  • Twenty-four hour supervision

  • Food and feeding schedule stay consistent

  • Comfort of being at home

While your dog’s in our care, we freely dole out head-scratches, good-boy pats, and tummy rubs. 

And no worrying while you’re gone. We’ll email and text you photos of your pet having plenty of fun. So go and relax, and rest assured your pet is having a ball – and playing with one, too.    

Please note that we must know your pup, before bringing them into our home. All boarding dogs must pass a temperament trial and attend daycare prior to staying with us.

Love and affection are always included :)