Emmy's Barking Lot - Emmy Cipolletti starts dog daycare in Hanvoer MA

Emmy Cipolletti is our fierce, passionate founder and inspiration. In 2012, she started Mobile Mutts – a dog walking company. Quickly, more and more pups and humans alike flocked towards Emmy, as her uncanny ability to not only lead a pack, but train any type of dog, made her a hot commodity.  If you see an extremely well trained dog on the South Shore – it is likely Emmy trained them!

With so many happy dogs and owners in her pack, Emmy was able to open The Barking Lot in 2015.  Running a full daycare, training and home boarding company, Emmy flourished.  She spent every hour of her days making sure her pack was well taken care of.  From driving all over the South Shore doing multiple pickups and drop-offs, to having a few pups sleep in her bed at night - Emmy dedicated every breath to treating her daycare dogs like family.  

In 2016, Emmy passed away from a congenital heart condition, and her sister, Kate, took over the business. Immediately renamed Emmy’s Barking Lot, we will always operate the way Emmy did. That means going above and beyond for our furry friends, and their owners.  Emmy's Barking Lot will forever be one family; each dog loved as if they're our own. We are extremely passionate about expanding Emmy’s legacy and making every dog on the South Shore a happy, tired and well-behaved pup!

Kate Cipolletti, Owner, Emmy's Barking Lot

Kate Cipolletti, Owner

"Emmy learned from every dog, every interaction; and I learned so much from her. I feel so lucky that I get to continue Emmy's work.  While Emmy's love for her pack is truly irreplaceable, I promise to work tirelessly to make her proud."    -Kate

Emmy in her own words: 

"Growing up, I had an immense love for animals, especially dogs. I grew up with a Labrador, Raven, who kept me company and entertained me all the time. While Raven was extremely sweet and loving, she was a stubborn dog who didn’t know any commands. I tried to teach the old dog new tricks, but unfortunately, no one else in the family followed through! I vowed that my next dog would be trained from the moment they walked through the door. 

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents surprised me with a border collie puppy. The first thought that went through my mind was “Okay! Let’s make Penny the best dog in the neighborhood!” I researched every training technique known to man, and found one that worked for me and my new puppy. Within two weeks, Penny was walking off leash at the dog parks and knew a ton of tricks.

Penny helped me get a few jobs at different doggie daycare and training facilities. Working at these places also made me realize that I didn’t like how most dog care businesses were being run.  Most of the dogs were sleeping while the employees were on their phones, not paying attention to the dogs, wasting the client’s money and time. In March of 2013, I decided to part ways with the last doggie daycare that I would work for, and started Mobile Mutts. I love waking up knowing that I get to work with animals, and not behind a desk! I work every day to ensure that every dog is draining their energy in a healthy and safe environment, so when they go home at  the end of the day, their owners can relax and don’t have to worry about taking their dog out for a walk. I learn so much from watching the dogs interact with each other, and I use what they teach me to train the new members that enter our pack.”